Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back from our Buying Road Trip

Amy and I drove 16 hours on our little road trip. We took Amy's truck and trailer, and the idea was that I would learn to drive on this trip. Wellllll, when I say we had every possible bad weather condition I am not exaggerating! We started out in ice and then moved on to dangerously high winds. Amy was freaking out on the inside, but staying calm for my benefit. She told me later that it was the most difficult weather she had ever driven in! The return trip was no better - slush, ice and driving rain....and then the Pièce de Résistance...a shredded tire! Actually, shredded tire is being a little generous. I really mean we had a rubber band tire. So after un-hitching the trailer, driving to the nearest Pep-Boys for a new tire, waiting for AAA to mount and change the tire...we were on our way again. And then, FOG! Like, the worst fog I have ever seen. This time it was my turn to freak out, but Amy remained cool as a cucumber. We finally made it back alive, and we did get some great stuff. This is not a business for cream-puffs, it's hard, hard, work..back-breaking, nail splitting, budget-busting work....and we love it :)

Cool hide pillows and ottoman.
More hides.
Amy at the hide dealer...her favorite!

I love, love, love the signs in the South. Look at this one from a gas station!

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