Sunday, December 1, 2013

Re-purpose an Old Skate!

I picked up an old skate from a flea market last summer.  I came across it the other day, and wondered what I was thinking when I bought a single skate?  Suddenly, an idea came to my mind and within 10 minutes I had this little cutie all finished up and hanging on my front door!

I just filled it with some artificial evergreen picks that I had on hand, tied a ribbon, and then punched a hole in the back with a nail and a hammer and attached a little wire loop through the hole to hang it up.  How easy is that!? I'll definitely be looking for more single skates at the flea market!

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Lavender Sachets...

Kevin and I have added a new product today...Lavender Sachets.  They smell great, and they're a nice little gift or a treat for your sock drawer :)  

To make these, you'll need small burlap bags (either handmade or ready-made bought online), a stencil, fabric paint, a sponge or spouncer ( we used these by Plaid), and some ribbon.

First, place the stencil near the bottom of the bag.  Then dip the spouncer in a saucer of fabric paint, blot lightly on a paper towel which will help to get an even coat of paint , and spounce over the stencil.  Press fairly hard with the sponge, as this will help to get crisp edges.

Once you've filled in the stencil, remove it and let the bag dry.

Fill the bottom of the bag with a little stuffing (this allows you to use less lavender), then spoon in two or three big spoonfuls of lavender.

Now, just pull the drawstring on your bag (if it has one), or cut 16" of ribbon and tie the opening closed.

That's it!  Your super cute sachet is finished!  You can use your own creativity when you choose your image and your ribbon.  You could add words with letter stamps, too, if you like. Endless possibilities!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New venture!

My son, Kevin, just graduated from college.  He's an artist. A 3-D modeler, to be exact.  He hasn't found a full-time job yet and he's decided to help me with my business! We are going to work together creating a line of handcrafted goods with vintage appeal.  I have piles and piles of ideas that I've never found the time to execute...and Kevin is my man!  He has an amazing attention span, and follows through on things, so I'm super lucky and excited to have his help.  So far, he designed our logo (Love!):

And we worked together to create these pillows:

I've had the pillow idea  forever..but with his help, we got them done fast.  He even had to learn how to use the sewing machine! We need to finish a bunch of these because I'm going to need a pair for myself :)