Saturday, March 24, 2012

Road Trip Treasures

I was going through my picture archive tonight, and realized that I didn’t post the pictures from that road trip back in 2009!  Can I procrastinate or what?  I think someone should give me a master’s degree in Procrastination….or a doctorate. 
These wicker trunks were awesome…I could never get enough of them.  The little desk had fantastic patina,  and what is it about globes that make me happy? Must be my (not so) inner nerd. 028
 An old photo in the gentle grip of an artist’s hand model. 019 A beautiful little glass-door cupboard and leather-bound books. 032 A detail of the hand-painted desk drawer.
037 I can never have too many suitcases, either. 039  I scoop up these little crocks, too, whenever I can find them.  They’re so perfect for organizing desk supplies or kitchen utensils.  They look great grouped on a shelf, too. 040
  I love the graphics on vintage cigar boxes!  They don’t sell very quickly, but I usually pick them up anyway :)045  That’s an old test tube holder…would be cute with little flower buds.
031  An old compass, inlaid cross and the globe again<3
Not a bad haul, huh?  I think it was worth it, even though we were almost killed 857 gajillion times….